Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snow day!

I'm not sure how much snow we've gotten, but it's at least 3-4 inches, I think. I try to judge by the piles that grow on our porch railing (if they fall over from th weight of the snow, I know we got a LOT). It started non-pretty on Friday and was just slushy and didn't really stick, but it got going Friday night and snowed ALL DAY Saturday. Seriously. It was a little crazy. It still snowing this morning, but now it's the really pretty lazy, drifty flakes. It's nice.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Dear LOST,

Oops, I mean HEROES. I'm not sure when it happened (maybe this entire season?), but you are now officially lame. I mean, I can't even stay in the room to watch the entire episode, but no matter when I come back, I'm just in time for a ridiculous plot twist, accompanied by equally ridiculous and melodramatic pronouncements by the "heroes." I just can't handle it anymore.