Monday, April 18, 2011

29 weeks and counting

Still feeling good, although definitely getting more tired. I am now technically in my third trimester, which blows my mind. Those first few weeks between the positive pregnancy test and the ultrasound showing the tiny flickering heartbeat were NEVER ENDING, and yet somehow, here we are at light speed, 20 weeks or more later. Insane.

We had our something-th annual Easter Egg-stravaganza last weekend. 467 eggs in our living room, 50 eggs for the inaugural "kid hunt" outside, and 20+ people in our little living room. It was awesome. It's always so amazing that friends who we may not see in months, or even since last hunt, will come without fail. I love it.

I am making more progress in my "nesting" as well, especially now that the hunt is done and I feel like I can concentrate on my own projects again. Mom and Peter painted the room in an epic weekend (bless my mama for spending her precious time here doing that!), Peter is almost done painting the crib (I am dying for that to be done, so I can make the crib skirt, which I need done before I can make the curtains), we installed the new chandelier, and I've made blankets, burp cloths, nursing covers, and a variety of other fun things. I really need to take pictures of it all!

We've been *very* lucky to have several friends who have had 2-3 girls and who are done with kids, so we have been the lucky inheritors of some adorable clothes. I'm just waiting for the room to be a little more "done" before I start washing and putting everything away. But seriously! The stuff is SO cute! It's killing me. However, if this little girl somehow turns out to be a boy, we are in BIG trouble! I'd say 85%-90% of the clothes are pink. So let's hope she's really a little girl like the doc said!

I'll try to post pictures next time, both of my belly and of my craftiness. Hopefully I'll have even more stuff to show next time too!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just jumping in...

I've been avoiding writing here because SO MUCH has happened that there is no way to catch up on it all... but at the same time, I am constantly wanting to write here, just to document my life.

Short version: We're expecting our first baby! (But I think most of you probably already know that, so I won't try to catch up too much more).

I will be 24 weeks along on Tuesday, which means I am WELL into the glorious second trimester and more than halfway to holding a baby in my arms. Craziness!!!

What this means for this blog is that it will be turning into a baby blog, sadly for some, perhaps. But it's mine, and this is currently the biggest thing happening to me and I want to document it, if only for myself. If you don't want to read, click on that magical little "X" in the corner!

How are you feeling?
This is the question I get asked most often. Now, the answer is "Great!" A few months ago, it was not so great. Now that the all-day nausea and utter lack of appetite have passed, I feel wonderful. My belly is expanding, but I'm not huge. I can still move and bend over, and my toes are not yet strangers.

Answers to other FAQs:
It's a girl, and although we have a list of contenders for names, we don't have one picked and when we do, we won't be sharing it, not with nobody! My guess is that we will have 2-3 favorites and will wait until we meet her to ultimately decide.

No, we are not registered yet (not that you, random internet browser cares, I just get asked this a lot).

No, we are not ready. Is anyone ever ready?

I think that's all for now. Lots more to update, hopefully with pictures, including belly bump status, as well as my many, many sewing projects I've been completing lately (woohoo for nesting energy!)