Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was there. I can tell my children and grandchildren this in the years to come, but I was in that packed stadium that was exploding with excitement for this man, our first African-American, first bi-racial candidate on the anniversary of MLK's historic speech. I was there. It was awesome.

We almost didn't make it, and had to stand in line for literally FOUR HOURS, most of which was within a stone's throw of the stadium we were trying to get into, but it was worth it. Sure, we missed almost everything bu the big even itself, but it was worth it.

I'll try to post some more pictures and some video later, especially the one where I'm filming as the fireworks go off one row behind our HEADS and I'm pretty sure the camera goes all crazy as I attempt to hit the decks, PTSD style. Srsly.

OH! And THEN! As we were walking out, we see a bunch of people looking in this one direction, and THEN I see a silver man atop a tall, regal looking man and I'm like, I KNOW that dude! And then I tell my friend Amanda, "I think that's John Kerry," hoping to God I said the right name and did not just make a total jackass out of myself. AND IT WAS! And then his dudes say, "Excuse us, coming through," or something, and the throng parts a bit, and THEN he passes close enough to Amanda that she could touch him if she wanted (she actually could have licked him, she was so close, but opted not to be jumped by "Social Security" folks, as she put it so well). And THEN this guy behind me says, "Senator Kerry!" all journalisty-like, and THEN OH THEN!!! He TURNS! And makes EYE CONTACT WITH ME because he is looking for the caller-outer, and I am standing nearby! (And smiling quite stupidly, I'm sure). And according to Amanda, he says something like, "Hi, how are you?" But I don't remember any of this because magic Massachusetts-Democrat-good-hair-preseidential-nominee dust has frozen this moment in time and I shall always remember the blue-blue of his eyes and the tan-ness of his face and his overall *handsomeness* (that was the first thing Amanda said about him too). And I totally don't remmber him speaking, but I'm sure he did.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's my party!

Yesterday (by a few minutes) was my birthday. I'd have to say it was one of the better ones in recent memory, if only because it served to highlight where my life is now and what a good place I really am in. We had a small get-together at our place, gathering friends from my old department, my new department and from the various connections one makes in a community after three years. It was so much fun to see people from so many different aspects of my life playing together in a band, even if it was just a simulation of guitar strumming and drumming.

Beyond those present in body, I also heard from many wonderful friends over the phone, via email and on Facebook (bless Facebook!). I hope to spend a chunk of time tomorrow replying and reconnecting with all of you tomorrow. Thank you so much for remembering me, it means so much.

It's amazing to think back a year and see how much more settled Peter and I are in careers (even if I am just more settled in the direction, without a specific job yet). He's working in the field he has been preparing for for the past two and a half years, and I am on the brink of getting out there on my own as well.

As with all aspects of our lives so far, everything that came before prepared us for what we will be doing, even if we had no clue what was in store for us. We are so lucky to have found careers that will challenge us and reward us (though not always monetarily), and even luckier to have found such incredible friends in our travels together.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Met the tiny new person

I met the new baby today. It was awesome! I hope her parents weren't freaked out by the fact that I held her for an hour (I swear I didn't know it was that long). She is adorable and funny-looking, in that wizened way that all brand-new babies are. She made extremely funny faces. I had no idea that all those little muscles were so mobile so young. Her big sister was awesome too; when the little one started crying (as little ones are wont to do), Sister came over with a very worried expression and when the crying didn't stop, Sister started to cry too. Poor babies. Being an older sister myself, I know she is in for a difficult transition time, but I think she's going to do great. She was already helping mom with the baby's diaper change (when she's still in diapers herself!).

I hope I can continue to go and get my baby/kid-fix from our wonderful new neighbors. I feel so incredibly lucky to have such an awesome family living so close by! I really hope this is the start of something great.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Downside to the Olympics

Since I usually don't watch any TV, I'm usually sheltered from all the inane, infuriating political ads. I've started so many ranting blog posts about some of these ads, wanting to debunk them point by point, but I just get so tired and frustrated that I just can't keep writing.

On a good political note, I somehow managed to get "credentials" to the Obama DNC acceptance speech in Denver, so I'm very excited to be a witness to history. Also scared, but excited. The security restrictions on what is and is not allowed are pretty tight, so I'm hopeful that they know what they are doing. So I'll just have to sit in the stadium for hours on end with nothing to entertain me or distract me, including "outside food," like water bottles. Expect a call from me to be entertained!

Happy Birthday

To the little one born last night:

What a night to enter the world! Michael Phelps setting an incredible, unbelievable new record 8 gold medals in one Olympics. The crowning of a new "World's Fastest Man" who looked like he was out for an afternoon jog while blistering past the world record. Plus, you are a Leo, which as all Leos know, is the very best thing to be.

Congratulations to the proud mommy and daddy, and thank you so much for letting us be a part of this incredible day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Moment of the Moment

Togo's whitewater rafter, coming out of nowhere, 27,000 people chanting his tiny country's name, him breaking his oar over his boat as he realizes he's won a bronze medal. No video up yet on, but if/when it goes up, worth a look for exactly what the Olympics are all about.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I freaking love the Olympics

Seriously. I was tearing up watching the tiny web version of the parade of nations from the opening ceremonies (since I couldn't see them live). Man. People walking makes me teary in the Olympics.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Noise Pollution

Friends, Romans, countrymen: you may want to cover your ears. We just ordered Rock Band for my birthday present. I am psyched. Who wants to join our new band? I claim singer!

(Must enjoy life before school starts again in T minus 3 weeks)