Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was there. I can tell my children and grandchildren this in the years to come, but I was in that packed stadium that was exploding with excitement for this man, our first African-American, first bi-racial candidate on the anniversary of MLK's historic speech. I was there. It was awesome.

We almost didn't make it, and had to stand in line for literally FOUR HOURS, most of which was within a stone's throw of the stadium we were trying to get into, but it was worth it. Sure, we missed almost everything bu the big even itself, but it was worth it.

I'll try to post some more pictures and some video later, especially the one where I'm filming as the fireworks go off one row behind our HEADS and I'm pretty sure the camera goes all crazy as I attempt to hit the decks, PTSD style. Srsly.

OH! And THEN! As we were walking out, we see a bunch of people looking in this one direction, and THEN I see a silver man atop a tall, regal looking man and I'm like, I KNOW that dude! And then I tell my friend Amanda, "I think that's John Kerry," hoping to God I said the right name and did not just make a total jackass out of myself. AND IT WAS! And then his dudes say, "Excuse us, coming through," or something, and the throng parts a bit, and THEN he passes close enough to Amanda that she could touch him if she wanted (she actually could have licked him, she was so close, but opted not to be jumped by "Social Security" folks, as she put it so well). And THEN this guy behind me says, "Senator Kerry!" all journalisty-like, and THEN OH THEN!!! He TURNS! And makes EYE CONTACT WITH ME because he is looking for the caller-outer, and I am standing nearby! (And smiling quite stupidly, I'm sure). And according to Amanda, he says something like, "Hi, how are you?" But I don't remember any of this because magic Massachusetts-Democrat-good-hair-preseidential-nominee dust has frozen this moment in time and I shall always remember the blue-blue of his eyes and the tan-ness of his face and his overall *handsomeness* (that was the first thing Amanda said about him too). And I totally don't remmber him speaking, but I'm sure he did.


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