Friday, April 27, 2007

It's just that time of semester

Everyone is on the verge of a meltdown. I have more things due next week than I really care to think about and I'll probably spend most of this weekend working on them. I'd like to actually complete all course requirements this year and just be done! Graduation is in two weeks, and though I still have a teeny bit of work to do before I officially get my diploma, I'm so close I can taste it!

Also fun is that this summer is shaping up to be filled with traveling and visitors. My parents are coming for graduation, then I'm going to Reno for my brother's graduation shortly after that, then we have a possible trip to Northern Nevada with Peter's family, then Peter's family is coming here, then we go to ALASKA!!! Very exciting. We haven't traveled very much at all in the past few years, and we (I) have missed it. Be sure, I will be taking a LOT of pictures (especially in Alaska), and hopefully I will get some of them posted here.

It's very hard to write a 10 page paper on hereditary neurological deafness when I can daydream about all our fun trips!

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jdc said...

meltdown is a good word :) i feel it too lol it's incredible how much piles up on the last few days of classes eh?

i'm so not ready for next week's presentations, project turn in, nor quiz. but like it or not, here they come!

whaha. we'll survive. and in a week or week and half, we'll be laughing at ourselves; the meltdown forgotten.

that is, until next semester. as you see, we never learn; do we?