Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Productivity and Sloth

Wow, it's amazing how quickly I can downshift from uber-productive mode to where-did-the-day-go mode. Yesterday, I turned in my final paper, I finished a large chunk of work for one of my jobs and basically finished what I needed to do before I leave tonight. I got a lot done, and not just homework. This morning, I still had that energy, so I sewed a missing button back on a pair of shorts, mended a hole in a favorite t-shirt (both thanks to my mom, who brought her sewing machine with her from Reno and outfitted me with necessary sewing supplies and skills over the weekend), and did some laundry and dishes. Sometime between the dishes and the email checking, I shifted into Summer Mode. Before I knew it, hours had passed and I was still in my pajamas, watching YouTube videos and playing solitaire. Eek! So I went and cleaned the bathroom, did another load of laundry and tidied up a bit.

Last summer, I had tons of plans for my time, but it turned out that much of that time was spent watching The Most Adorable Baby in the World, so while it was great, I slacked on a lot of projects. This summer, Peter and I have more free time than we may have ever had before. Thanks to school shortening our summer (Maymester for him, August-mester for me) and a few longish trips smack in the middle of that, we don't have enough time to get summer jobs and the jobs we do have are quite flexible in time. The end result: a lot of free time to go camping, traveling, sewing, woodworking, photo-taking, blogging, cleaning, organizing, catching up on housework, and anything else we want to do. So exciting! Now, the trick will be to not slip completely into Summer Mode and spend my summer playing solitaire!

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