Friday, September 05, 2008

People I don't understand

Woman who were for Hillary, now are so anti-Obama/pro-female that they are going to vote for McCain-Palin. I guess they have their reasons, I just don't understand them. Voting for a party that has been beyond outspoken about taking away a woman's right to choose? If they agreed with that stance, they wouldn't have been Hillary supporters in the first place. I just don't get it.

I would hope women aren't sexist enough to vote based solely on gender (isn't that what they are afraid some men might do?). And yes, it's still sexism when you will vote for a woman over a man for that reason alone.

Funny, I just realized something. The Palin nomination suddenly made this campaign a thousand times more divisive than it was before. All of a sudden, everyone is up in arms about their various candidates. I'm all about public dialogue and debate, but more division is not what this country needs.

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