Sunday, March 19, 2006

Exciting times!

So, I officially have my own website now, and not coincidentally, I've also started my own business. Thanks to my awesome friend Jena, you can now visit the newly-launched! If you are looking for a new way to view old family photos, pictures from your travels or that fantabulous wedding you just had, check it out!

OK, self-promotion time over. In other news, we are supposed to be getting a huge storm tonight, up to a foot or more of snow. Too bad I don't have any classes that could potentially be canceled tomorrow. Also, my "baby" brother is here for his Spring Break. It's 1:30 PM now and he is still fast asleep on our couch. Good thing he's a heavy sleeper because Peter and I gave up the whole tiptoe-around-so-we-don't-wake-our-guest routine about four hours ago. I only hope he wakes up in time for the 2:30 appointment we have with one of my friends! We'll see!

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