Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thousands of Miles

Well, we just got back yesterday from a fairly whirlwind tour de la southwest. Peter and I drove with our friend Andy across the Rockies, across the bottom of Utah, a corner of Arizona, and fianlly made it to Peter's family's house in Las Vegas. We spent a few days there, Andy and I went to see Avenue Q (it was awesome!), then Peter and I drove a few hundred more miles to see my parents near Bakersfield.

They are selling their house soon, so they wanted me to see it before they did (it's not the house I grew up in, I've never even lived there, so I'm not sad about it, though it is very pretty).

More importantly, though, they had brought a bunch of stuff we had forgotten in Reno when we moved. At last, we were reunited with our beloved Kitchen Aid mixer! Plus, we had a late wedding gift that had been delivered after we left, so we got to open that up. Yay Tiffany platter from family friends! The platter's great, but we're also stoked about using the giant Tiffany box for pretty much every gift we ever plan on giving one another :-) Nothing says love like a Tiffany box!

So, now it's back to the grind. I need to run a few dozen exta miles to get rid of the inevitable paunch I get when visiting Peter's family of amazing cooks, plus we had to have In-N-Out and visit Trader Joe's. Colorado is so deprived!

When we left Boulder, the snow was just melting and it was still pretty cold, but now it's an amazingly beautiful spring day and the sun is shining more than it was in Vegas. Spring flowers are peeking out around our parking lot, I'll try to take some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, sadly, we may be about to lose a member of our family. My spunky little Nikon Coolpix, which has taken probably over 10,000 pictures and traveled thousands of miles with us over these past three years, is ailing. The little spring that keeps the batteries in is no longer springy and so you kind of have to hold the little door shut so the batteries willl work.

Anyone want to buy us a new camera? Haha.

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