Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kitchen Aid ecstacy

We used the grating/slicing attachment on the Kitchen Aid mixer for the first time tonight. It was magical grating 4 cups of cheese so quickly (we only needed 2 cups, but it was so easy! Anyone want some finely shredded swiss?). We got three identical graters for the wedding, and for some reason, I'm pretty sure we returned all of them, so we've been making do with a makeshift grater for a while.

But now, we have been reunited with our Kitchen Aid! I made a cheese souffle tonight and used the mixer not only to grate the cheese, but also to beat those egg whites into stiff peaks while washing the dishes. I'm hoping Peter noticed my amazing multitasking and put in my nomination for Wifey o' the Year ;-)

In other news, I love the time change when I hear the kids playing outside at 8 PM (memories!), but I freaking hate it when it's midnight and I'm not the tiniest bit tired. Plus, I can never remember if this will be a good thing on Tuesday when I have my 8AM class, or if I'm going to be hating life and hating the fact that I hate coffee. Clearly, math is not my strong suit. In fact, time in general perplexes me. Peter laughs at me because I used to set my clock an odd number of minutes fast (like 7), because I could never do the math fast enough to figure out what time it really was when the alarm went off. 5 or 10 minutes was too easy, so I'd just keep sleeping and defeat the purpose of setting the clock fast and thus frustrating my bedmate who likes his clocks all to have the right time. Crazy.

OK, I'm off to bed, and I'll probably sleep far too late tomorrow. Damn! That means Tuesday's going to suck. Adjust, little body, adjust!

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