Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

So here are some pictures of my arm a week after The Fall. The big, purply bruise didn't show up until about Tuesday or Wednesday, while the one that's more yellow showed up earlier. The best part of these bruises is that the doctor couldn't really explain why they were there, since her diagnosis was that I strained the muscles in my forearm. Apparently, bruising can "track" to related areas, even if they weren't the affected part. An alternate explanation, offered by some of the football players I tutor who have been through the same thing, is that I had my arm hyperextended when I fell, which would explain the elbow bruising a bit more. Either way, I'm getting more mobility back, though my elbow is still pretty sore and there are still certain movements I can't make without a lot of pain. I can type better than before, though I still don't have the stamina to do it for very long. I hope you all think these bruises are as pretty as I do. Now that I can move my arm more, I like to check out Big Blue in the mirror (it's on the underside of my elbow). I hope you all are proud of me for taking such fine self portraits as well. It was pretty tricky, considering I had to take the pics with my left hand and hold the camera at an awkward angle. PS I think "awkward" is the most perfect word because it looks and sounds exactly like what it is, without being iconic (for any Lingies hanging around). OK, I'm past rambling now, so I need to harness this rambling energy for something productive, like one of my many, many papers.

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