Friday, December 15, 2006

Best mail day ever

Last night was very nice. I was working when I normally don't, in order to make up some hours I'm going to have to miss next week (I'll write about that later), and Peter got out of class early, so we got to walk home together. We never get to do this because our schedules are so different, and it just felt really nice. He was also in a good mood because his semester ended yesterday and I think it went really well.

We got the mail on the way home, and O! what a mail day! I have been doing some fun online shopping lately (mostly for Christmas, with a few presents for us included), and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my purchases (the downside to online shopping). First, my Moo cards came! I had gotten ten free ones a while ago and realized they would make a great thing to give to friends and family (ideally in an upcoming Christmas or New Year's card, coming soon to a mailbox near you!). I have my email, my Flickr
, and another (secret to strangers!) photo site, as well as this blog address, all on the back of a cute little card with one of my wonderful pictures. I even had some made that have me and the Hubband on them, since I know there are some family members who are infinitely more likely to keep a picture of us (taken by someone else, obv.) than a weird-o picture I took of someone's feet. But I have to say, I kind of love the card with the feet. Heck, I love them all! Leave me a comment if you want one!

Not only did I get my Moo cards, but I also got a Christmas present I ordered from Etsy. I had it gift wrapped, so I don't even know what it'll look like, but I'm excited! I kind of wanted to open it myself to see what it looked like, esp. since we are now flying to Christmas and TSA drones will likely open it anyway. Why should they get the fun? But Peter restrained me, thinking they wouldn't open such a tiny package (I think they will, but there's always a chance!).

I so love getting good mail!

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Jena.DC said...

hey shannon, your pictures are AMAZING. I gotta learn to take pics from you. (THEN actually upload it for others to see)