Sunday, March 04, 2007

Finally Counting My Chickens

I got into the Speech Pathology MA program! I had been hoping I would (obvs.) and had hear from many other people that "of course I would get in," but I really didn't want to bet on it. Now I just have to pass Comps to actually get *this* MA (less than three weeks!), and finish this semester. I was freaking out about the course load for the new program, but I looked again, added up the credit hours, and it seems like it will be much more manageable than I had feared. I might even be able to take some extra classes and be done earlier (maybe). Yay for knowing what's in store!

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ʔʊweɪs's blog said...

Congrats Sh!
Don't worry about the comps. As long as you do an overview of all the previous questions you will do fine. I am happy to know that you will be here for at least another two years. Love to the hubby.