Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All Good Things

Our lovely streak of lovely weather came to a crashinghalt this morning (literally). I had been starting to feel nervous and on edge about the nice weather; I knew we were living on borrowed time with all the bike rides and weekends that didn't have snow. This morning as I left the apartment for my 8 AM class, it had just started sprinkling snow. It wasn't realy sticking much yet and our outdoor thermometer said it was only 35 or so, so I risked it with just a scarf, though I did wear my heaviest wool jacket. Thank goodness I did, because by the time I started hiking up the hill 4 minutes from our front door, the snow was really starting to come down, with the wind gently blowing it into every crevice of my scarf, jacket and backpack. Even when I got to class, there was barely a thin layer of snow on the sidewalks.

When we came out of class two hours later, though, it was a different story. Two or three inches had fallen in that time and it was still coming down. I only wore sneakers (because it was just a light snow), so I had to be extra careful with the snowdrifts and piles of slush pounded under hundreds of Ugg-booted feet. The snow caused the predictable problems with buses, driving and general mood, but luckily both of us only needed to walk places today. *Sigh* Oh well, at least this winter is going to make for a REALLY appreciated Spring!

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