Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stress Management

I need to readjust my skills for coping with stress this semester. The classes I'm taking are organized much differently from the classes I've been taking for the last year and a half, and they are taking their toll on me. For one thing, I now have lots of tests and quizzes, when I used to have 1-2 a semester. The level of preparation and stress that goes into a final exam is much more than semi-weekly tests, but I don't think my fight-or-flight reflex has figured that out (little tangent: for the longest time, I heard that phrase as "fighter pilot" reflex, so I thought fighter pilots had the most stressful job ever, so this thing relating to stress got named after them).

Right now, I'm in a bad place, where every little thing I need to remember to do, from studying for an exam, to watching a videotape for a class, even writing a thank you note, the memory of all of these obligations sends the little thrill of stress through my blood stream, and make my head throb a tiny bit. I need to calm down. Yoga, anyone?

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