Sunday, February 11, 2007

New toys

So, we are definitely delaying the new computer purchase until June, when (hopefully) the new Mac OS will be released, along with (hopefully) the new iLife. To make life bearable until then, we got the new RAM chip in my Mac, and today, we bought a simple little device that will make Peter's tiny laptop much more functional. To wit, Peter set up the laptop to plug into our LCD TV screen, increasing the screen size from about 10" to 32" (not to mention the fact that his laptop screen is dim to begin with, because it's a different kind of screen you can use in sunlight). So there's that, but then we bought a wireless keyboard and laptop so we can sit on the couch and use the TV/computer like true couch potatoes. Much comfier and easier to see. That should last us till June, right?

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