Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another reason I love Apple

Peter bought a refurbished video iPod a month ago (a Christmas present from his parents), but he noticed that it basically would only hold a charge for 15 minutes before completely conking out. 12 hours of charging for 15 minutes is not cool, people. He just wanted to return the damn thing and be done with it. Only problem was, he couldn't just return it for a full refund unless it totally didn't work from the moment he opened the box. After a frustrating afternoon on the phone with the tech support people, he found out he could supposedly take his iPod (refurbished, remember, so much much cheaper than a new one) to the Apple store in town and trade it in for a new (non-refurbished) one. Seemed too good to be true! But he went in and sure enough, got a new iPod. We'll just have to see how this one works :-) I have the (non-video) iPod he gave me 2 1/2 years ago, and it still works quite well. Sure, I don't listen to it for hours on end, but it serves me well as I walk to and from class every day. Thank God for podcasts!

In other tech news, but without the happy ending so far, we got the "Watch Now" feature activated on our Netflix account (yay!) so we can theoretically watch movies at home anytime we want through the magical Interwebs. The program doesn't work on Macs yet (boo), but we have Peter's laptop hooked up to our nice big TV (yay!). But I've so far only had mixed success getting movies to play. Plus, no subtitles and the kind of jumpy, non-DVD quality you get from internet movies. People who think the future is entirely streamed video content seem to forget that even with very high quality internet (like we have here for free, but which usually costs a lot), so far you still can't touch the quality of a DVD. Until they really refine the process (I'm thinking chapters, subtitles, and maybe extras), I'd much rather see movies I really want to see on DVD. I'm even willing to wait a whole day or two to get it.

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