Saturday, September 08, 2007

When you're a nerd, you're a nerd all the way

Last night, I didn't sleep well because there was a client I *desperately* wanted. A 6 month old baby with Deaf parents. OMG! I seriously love babies, I could practice my ASL and I could get another client! Even better, like a sign from above, every single time mentioned in the email as a possible meeting time I had free. Amazing! So I was apparently really wound up about this, waking up at 4 AM thinking about it. Bad! The worst part is that whenever we get emails about potential new clients, we *never* hear back about it. So those who express interest are usually left wondering for a week or more until another group email (maybe) goes out saying it's been taken. So when I woke up this morning, I had to steel myself that: a) I probably wouldn't hear for a while; b) there are other people who still need assignments and maybe they get first priority; c) even if I *did* get it, there's no way I would get an email by 8 AM on a Saturday when I replied at 9 PM Friday night. I had practically calmed down when I checked my email (because even I knew it was really not healthy to be this excited about something that means more work). And guess what was in my inbox? You got it! I got the baby! Even better, I will have a co-clinician, which means I'll have a second-year student as the lead, so I won't have to wing it as much. And my "co" is a really great girl I was supposed to have worked with before on a different client who fell through. Exciting!!!!

And, yes, I am aware that being excited about school on a Saturday morning is a VERY nerdy thing to do. Now excuse me while I go write some papers.

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