Tuesday, January 08, 2008

One month, to the day!

It's been that long since I last posted. So sorry for the silence; no excuse, really.

It's a new year, and already shaping up pretty well. We organized our kitchen last week, during which we were introduced to the wonder that is The Container Store (so worth the drive to Cherry Creek, as long as we only do it once in a while). As Peter said, the space under our sink now looks like a commercial, and our baking things and spices are no longer crawling out of the cupboards and spilling across the counter. Nice. It's not completely done, since we apparently need some dry wall-somethings, or something, but if those ever appear, I shall take pictures of the gloriousness.

Also, we may have tamed the mail beast with a new system. However, while I am very good at thinking of new systems and trying to encourage them, I am very poor at being very strict about these things, and Peter is self-admittedly not very good about adopting them either. So. However, he has signed up for eleventy-bajillion new magazines with about-to-expire airline points, so we will be forced to be good about it, or we shall not only have no table to eat at, but also no chairs to sit upon, nor air to breathe.

In other news, why am I up so late? Perhaps because I apparently never learn from my eating mistakes (I think). I ate the stir fry that was sitting out for perhaps a smidgen too long, because I was hungry. I was rewarded yesterday with a day spent alternatingly on the toilet or snoozing in bed, awaiting the next call. Lovely. The result? My stomach is still out of whack and my sleeping is totally off schedule. Le sigh. I can only be incredibly thankful that this happened now and not when I, you know, have things to do. (PS: not excited about that time returning).

So other than cleaning, organizing, planning for the year ahead, we have been playing Wii (we've neglected you for so long! And our Wii-elbow-itis proves it!), I've been playing Sims 2, perhaps the greatest Christmas gift ever from my beloved bro, and Peter finally finished grading. Good thing, too, since the kids return tomorrow. He's definitely gonna have to pick up his speed when he becomes a full-fledged teacher, but luckily he said he learned a lot from the grading experience.

Also, very exciting, this is an Olympic year! Yay for international competition, heartwarming backstories and random sports you'd otherwise never see! Hooray for the Olympics!

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