Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mmm... delicious

In an effort to (allegedly) make use of the 20 key limes we bought for one whole dollar at Sunflower Markets, I made key lime pie (and also managed to break up the monotony of doing 3,000 projects due tomorrow. I kid. But not much.). Not just any key lime pie! Oh no! Very complex, labor intensive MINI key lime pies. So labor intensive that at nearly every step, I thought to myself, "These can't be worth it." (Then again, I am just not used to juicing 18 tiny limes. That was really the hardest part. Basically, I thought that as I juiced every lime half.).

Were they? Oh yes, my friend. They were indeed. If only for the intensely satisfying "banging of the muffin tin" step. The most miraculous thing? It worked *perfectly* even though I was absolutely convinced I would just end up smashing my adorable little pies into the table. This was a tester run, to see if it would be worth making a second batch for our end-of-semester party. If I have time on Thursday (which I think I will), I'll do it.

Recipe here!

I hope people like pie :-)

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