Sunday, April 13, 2008


I just randomly checked my Sitemeter stats. Since I assume I have very few readers (Hi Aous! And PJ!), I assume that my two visitors a day are just those two compulsively checking in (and since I know at least one of them uses Google Reader, I know that's not really the case).

So I was shocked, shocked I say, to discover that I have had visitors from all over the world. I'm sure most of them randomly stumbled upon this blog, and left quickly thereafter, but I am intrigued as to how any of my readers get here (regardless of how long they stay). Maybe you googled "slash wedding," which is apparently a hot search, and also one I am ranked shockingly high on (to this post). Maybe you even googled "Sazzing" itself. If you are one of these clever people, I am very curious: were you looking for me? If not, what were you hoping to find? I won't be at all sad if it really was not me you were anxiously googling for.

In summary: hooray for visitors! And since people actually read this, perhaps I should try to make it a little more interesting. Sadly, I am very poor at writing scathingly funny things about people close to me (who might get wind of this blog). That would be interesting to read, I think, but you shan't find any of that here, alas.

So, tell me how you got here!

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