Friday, July 27, 2007

I can't wait for Carrie's wedding pics (slash wedding)

barrel of rings
Originally uploaded by tomKphoto.
This was taken by her photographer and posted on Flickr. He's one of my contacts and when I saw this in his photostream, I thought, "man I wish I could have him shoot something of mine!" Well, since we are done and married (and very happy with our pics, though they were probably somewhat different than what Tom might have done), that's not really an option. But luckily my second thought was... "Oh wait! He's going to be *Carrie's* wedding photographer!" I actually suggested him to her from seeing his awesome pics on Flickr, and as luck would have it, the stars aligned for them! So now I not only get to meet this wedding photographer I so admire, but also to see him in action and also see the results later! *Sigh* I'm excited :-)

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