Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alaska Pictures

So you'd like more Alaska pictures? Your wish is my command. It's taking me a little while to go through the pictures, deleting the really bad pics, the five versions of the same shot, etc. so the pictures will appear over time. I've posted the first evening and day (our flight into Alaska and our first day in Ketchikan) on our Shutterfly site. This is the site where you can go if you want to see every. single. picture. from my camera. Every. single. picture. I won't feel sad if you don't look at all of them. And I haven't even posted anything since March (except the Alaska stuff).

Here's what the pictures will illustrate:

We flew from Denver to Seattle, then Seattle to Ketchikan. When our first leg was delayed a half an hour, our Alaska Airlines ticketing agent said "That's on time for Alaska!" However, the delay made our connection very close and this was the last flight of the night to Ketchikan. Luckily, they held the other flight for us and several other passengers, so it was fine. Because of how we got the tickets (Dad's travel magic), Peter was in first class both legs, and we were able to bump me up for the second leg. Because of the delay, I hadn't eaten in a very long time, making me NOT SO HAPPY. When Peter told me that he got a salad and pizza on the Denver-Seattle leg, I almost lost it. For real, the money we spent on upgrading me to first class, where I also got a salad and pizza, was WELL worth it.

The views from Seattle to Ketchikan were breathtaking. I truly have never had a more picturesque flight.

Ketchikan was fun. We had a non-rainy day our first day and didn't know how good we had it. We walked around town, saw a seal in the creek right next to our room and saw lots of totems, bald eagles, fish and tourists. We had three days there, so on our first day, we just kind of got the feel of the place.

OK, now go look at the pictures!

A sneak preview (bald eagle snatching up fish leftovers in the harbor):

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