Monday, July 09, 2007

Wetly Blogging in AK

I'm at a cafe in Ketchikan, we're about to go down to the ferry station for our ferry trip north and it's been mizzling for two days (thanks goodness for Jane Austen! I didn't know exactly what it meant when I read it in Emma the other night until I woke up and realized it was truly mizzling outside. A heavy mist, not quite a drizzle.). One of the huge cruise ships is parked outside the window in the harbor. Today is a three-ship day, and the town is swarming with cruisers. We went on a lovely hike yesterday in the mizzle through misty old-growth forests up most of a mountain (the top was allegedly still ice, a rumor born out by the young local boys we passed coming up with skis and snowboards strapped to their packs).

This evening, we'll head north on the ferry for two and a half days, when we'll arrive near Anchorage. Maybe they'll be an internet cafe there as well where I can burn a little time and money. For the time being, here are a few images from the harbor where Peter went fishing and I took photos of old boats:

And because I can't figure out how to rotate photos in Blogger: (tilt your head, it'll be lovely)

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