Saturday, June 21, 2008

OMG, Internet

You will not believe what I just found out. I am not crazy in one small miniscule area of my life.

So, years and years ago, I happened to catch the kids' show "Shining Time Station" on TV. I couldn't believe that my beloved Ringo Starr was on a TV show for kids playing a teeny-tiny train conductor. Then, who knows how long later, I saw it again and realized I must have been crazy because it wasn't the incredible Ringo Starr, but some OTHER guy, who appeared to be suspiciously like George Carlin (really?). So I figured I was just crazy and had a very poor memory and imagined my hero into some random TV show.

Flash forward to today, when I found through a random link that: HELLO!!! They were BOTH on the show! Ringo started the role, and then was replaced by Carlin! Oh, thank goodness, I'm not totally nuts!

(And yes, I realize what a crappy post this is to come back after a month away from updating. Apologies.)

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