Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet nectar of the gods

We don't drink much soda. About a year ago, we bought eight or ten 12 packs of soda because of some sale. Last night, I got a hankering for some soda with my popcorn (precisely why I stocked up on said soda), crawled under the sink to our food-cavern only to discover all we had left was diet Canada Dry. Blech. Well, bad soda is better than none when a hankering is progress, right? Wrong. God, it was terrible. As I choked it down (why did I persist? I don't know.), I suddenly thought fondly of the only ginger ale worth drinking: Vernors. However, I've never seen it outside the Detroit/Toledo area (where I first tasted it while staying with relatives). Sadness.

So today I went to the grocery store, determined to get some kind of drinkable soda. I'm cruising the aisles, getting some root beer and grape soda (NOT a cola gal here). Out of the corner of my eye--and I think angels sang and a spotlight shone--I saw a PILE of Vernors, both regular and diet. AAAAAAAHHHHHH (angels sing in a chorus). Of course, then I have to debate with myself about spending SIX DOLLARS on 12 cans of soda. Actually, the debate was whether I should get THREE 12 packs, because they were buy 1 get 1 free, or just the one. I went with the one, but now I am second guessing myself. We'll see. The sale runs through tomorrow, so if it's everything I dreamed it to be after my first cold can, I may go back. We'll see.

PS In spite of desiring delicious soda where it does not live, I LOVE regional foods. This world would suck much more if you could get everything anywhere. Then why would a can of Vernors be anymore special than a can of Coke?

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