Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life Update

Still looking for houses, but taking it a little easier, since we don't know where I'll be working yet, which could affect where we want to live (generally).

Working like mad on my thesis. I'm all done with data stuff, now I have to do a little analysis, and a LOT of writing. I should like writing, since I have a degree in it, but academic writing is never especially "fun." I got pretty inspired today, so maybe I'm over that initial hump of motivation. I only have a week and a half before I start my internship (and cease to have the wonderful flexibility I enjoy now), so I need to get CRACKING.

I've been quilting again. Well, actually just piecing so far, but I will get to the quilting phase soon. I picked up a project I left off several years ago, which is my pattern for projects. Start, make great headway, run into some stumbling block I can't see an easy solution to, put down for a couple years. Pick up again, realize whatever the problem was is no longer a problem and finish. It's all mental, but I'm a very mental person (in every sense of the word).

It's very late. I was waiting for Peter to say goodnight (my cue to come to bed), but he apparently went straight to bed. Oops. Now it's late and so I'm blogging (yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either).

I have reconnected with a whole group of friends from my high school youth group on Facebook. I haven't talked with most of them in well over ten years. They were my very best friends for the two years I was a part of it, so it's been great to reconnect. It's so interesting to me how my different groups of friends seem to take life paths similar to among the group members, but very different between groups. As in, in one of the groups, everyone has stayed in the same place, gotten married and/or had babies. In another, everyone is at least up to a master's, some are pursuing a PhD (a couple are almost done with their PhDs. I feel under-accomplished). I wonder sometimes how my Facebook profile looks to other people. Are they surprised at where I and and what I've done? Are they surprised I'm married? Do they compare their life to mine (who doesn't compare, in some way?). Do they think I'm nuts for getting two MA's? (I sometimes do, though I wouldn't change it for anything).

It's so interesting how much and how little we can learn from the information we put on the internet. Can you tell if a person is really happy? What do they do in their day to day life? What's really important to them? None of these things can really be gleaned from a profile. The best you can do is see if they are socially active, have supportive friends and see if they play a lot of Facebook games :-)

It's not after 1 AM and as much as I am not really tired, I should go to bed so I can get a relatively early start to my day of writing ahead of me. I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow, and I really need something to show her (or at least prove I'm not just wasting all of my time). Sweet dreams to you all!

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