Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The New Economy

I love how all of a sudden, everyone is on the "economy" kick. I mean, I really don't love how lots of people are losing jobs, industries are collapsing, and everyone is losing their retirement fund in the stock market, but it does make me laugh that being frugal is now trendy. I laugh (albeit, somewhat bitterly) because we have been living in this mindset for the past three and half years (perhaps not-so-coincidentally when I started grad school and we had no jobs). And we got a little bit of flack for being really really tight with the money. You tend to be so when you need to pay rent, buy food, and yet have zero dollars in income. It happens.

Things are much better for us, relatively speaking, but I think the mindset is still a good one, especially because we are saving up for our house. Be more cautious of what you spend and where you spend it.

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