Friday, July 17, 2009

Nothing like a deadline

We are entertaining on Saturday, partly as a way to create a deadline for ourselves to finish up some of out projects. Thanks to this looming deadline, we (read: Peter) have:
  • installed the new faucet in the guest bathroom
  • finished painting ALL of the kitchen drawers and doors
  • installed all but two of the previously painted doors
  • installed hardware on most drawers and all installed doors
  • made the under-cabinet light switch look pretty and not all janky
  • bought a new-to-us rug from Craig's List for the living room
  • lowered and fixed the dining room chandelier
  • bought a leather ottoman/bench/coffee table for the living room
  • put most of our electronic paraphernalia in said ottoman (storage FTW!)
  • fixed the wire nest of doom trailing from the TV and router off the mantle (Peter is magic)
And then, the bestest thing of all, Peter went and surprised me by getting these super sweet chairs from Costco that we had been wanting, but that were all sold out at our local store. They are super pretty, SUPER cheap, and basically two-for-one! I will definitely take some pictures once everything is all snazzy for the social engagement.

Too bad that even with all of that done, we still have so much more to do. Installing the last 5 kitchen doors, caulking the counters, putting trim on, touching up paint, etc. etc. The worst part is that the more we get finished, the more the unfinished stuff sticks out. I guess we'll just have to plan another social engagement in a few weeks!

And don't worry, pictures will be forthcoming, once things are a bit more cleaned up!

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