Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer time!

Bad blogger, bad! Other than passing my thesis defense (woohoo!!!), very little has changed around here. The week between my return and Peter's was only punctuated by the defense and the awesome friends who came out and supported me, and then meeting with a few friends to get me out of the house and give me a reason to shower.

Other than that, we have started unpacking some of the boxes, I found and filled my awesome "new" dresser that I scored on Craig's List (I love the first blush of ogranization, when all of the shirts are neatly folded and every category of clothing has its own space. We'll see how long it lasts) and I slept and read a lot of Internet.

Since Peter got back, we've been at warp speed, but doing lots of social things with friends who were probably just so thankful I am done with that stupid thesis! We've moved friends, Rock Banded with friends, danced at our friends' wedding, and breakfasted with friends at far too early an hour (you are awesome for getting up so early on a Saturday, Dan!). However, the kitchen looks exactly the same as it did three weeks ago, no doors have been painted nor installed. Ah well, can't have everything!

Oh! And we got new iPhones after my 3.5 year old phone leapt to its death. We had been planning on getting them very soon anyway, but this sped the process up. Hooray!

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