Monday, January 18, 2010


Sorry about that... Some unexpected things came up over the holidays. My family came to town and we had a lovely time, until the very last day when everyone went cross country skiing while I went to work. I finished with a patient to find several texts from my husband (who doesn't really text) with the words "mom" and "fell" and "ambulance" and possibly/probably "hospital." He tried to soothe me with something about "she's ok," but frankly, all I saw were those other words.

Eventually we found out she had fractured a vertebra (though "broken back" sounds so much more dramatic and is technically true), and she ended up staying almost a week in the hospital while the neurosurgeons debated surgery. Another week later, and she and my dad were finally able to fly home, a mere three weeks after arriving. Luckily for everyone's sanity, Papa was able to get some seriously screaming deals on hotel rooms in the area (sometimes last minute pays off, if it's the off season!), so we could enjoy this unexpected family time with a little distance. It was wonderful to have my parents here, though I certainly wish it had been under better circumstances all around.

Needless to say, life was pretty much paused for those three weeks. We are now getting back into the swing of things, had a wonderful party on Saturday night, then a couple new friends over for dinner on Sunday. I'm also trying to get back into the sewing stuff. I know I want to start a new project, but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe I'll just stare at my pretty pretty fabric and wait for inspiration to strike.

May 2010 end more auspiciously than it began!


Carrie's Classics said...

Wow, Shannon, I hope your mom is doing better now! I'm happy to hear that she and your dad were able to fly home. Hopefully this means she doesn't need surgery. Right?

PJ said...


Um I do believe that Peter is waiting for a specific project too. It involves fantasic thread instead of fabric :)

I finally commented. Happy?!

Shannon said...

Thanks, Carrie. Still waiting for yet another appointment with the hometown neurologist to yea/nay surgery.

Thanks for the comment, Peej! And yes, I know the thread is awaiting me. It just hasn't been ass-cold enough for me to have that first on my mind. But thanks for the reminder!