Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrong number

I got the scariest phone call I've ever gotten tonight.

It was a blocked number, and my parents are the only people who call me who have a blocked number. So I answer friendly-like, as I do when my parents call.

Me: Hey!
Youngish male voice (my brother? he's supposed to be at home this weekend): Hey!
Me: What's up?
Presumed brother: How you doin?
Me (half-paying attention to something else): Good, how are you?
Definitely not my brother: What's up?
Me: Who is this?
Man (suddenly aggressive): Shut the fuck up!
Me: Who's calling? Who is this?
Man: You shut the fuck up when I'm talking to you!
Me: I'm hanging up now.
Man: (Still talking, but I hung up on him).

It was odd enough (especially the beginning when he didn't answer my questions and just traded more greeting type things) that I half suspected it wasn't real and was some type of AI scam or prank call (using prerecorded bits of conversation to make it feel like a real conversation).

But the other half of me was concerned that it WAS a real person and that this was some poor girl's abusive partner who dialed the wrong number and thought his girl was getting uppity with him. To be on the receiving end of that kind of verbal violence was terrible, awful, horrible.

I was incredibly unnerved by the call, regardless of its origin, and was quite shaken, especially thinking it was a real person who could turn so evil to another human being when they had been so friendly just seconds earlier.

And if it is a prank, I'd love to hear how they did it.

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