Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Peter and I got new cell phones over Christmas, the fancy kind they have in these here modren ages, with pretty pictures on the screen and all! From our old phone, which was a very old model when we got it two and a half years ago, to this one is like traveling light years! It even has a camera and can take video with sound, which is just too much fun. But the biggest toy is that I've downloaded Jewel Quest, a puzzle matching game, and so now I play it all the time. For some reason, I was a lot better at the free online version on Myspace. Maybe they make that version easier so you want to download it and save what you think will be awesome high scores? Or maybe the phone version is just different from the computer version. In any case, the digital age isn't necessarily a move forward. I spend time on my phone that I never did before, and time that should be spent doing homework or laundry. But Jewel Quest is just too much fun!

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