Saturday, March 08, 2008

Netflixing a relationship

I never really realize how different Peter's taste in movies can be from mine until we go through rating Netflix movies. We'll even have watched a movie together and discussed it, and still I will be surprised when he "likes" a movie and rates it 2-3 stars, when I've given it 5. Those movies we both love are relatively few and far between, and frankly, I can't predict when that will happen. I now know when he will hate a movie though. Usually it's the movies I love for a specific reason: they are quirky, they have unique cinematography, and/or they have a beautiful color palette. I think the only movie like this that he liked as well was Little Miss Sunshine. I'm very, very happy we could agree on that one.

That said, it's always nice to get a different perspective on someone you know so well. It's nice when people surprise you.

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