Monday, December 05, 2005

Breaking Wind

Wow! OK, I thought Reno was windy, but it doesn't hold a candle to the wind coming off the mountains here. It has been blowing so hard it literally is shaking the windows, and it's been blowing this hard since 3 AM today. I didn't sleep well last night because I would get woken up by the wind regularly, and when I woke up, I would be doing my Japanese morphology project in my sleep. How restful! The craziest part about the wind is that it doesn't stop. There might be a few minute lull here and there, but it's still blowing, just not as hard.

Some poor unfortunate left their laundry on the line. I was impressed by how long it magaged to stay on the line; they had some good clothespin skillz. But nothing could withstand this wind forever. We're pretty sure some of their clothes ended up lodged against the balcony of a second story apartment across from us, the rest was at the base of a fence for a while, but has since disappeared. Only one bright pink child's shirt managed to get wrapped around one of the lines and was the lone holdout, at least it was a few hours ago. A few brave kids were out in the courtyard, trying to catch the leaves swirling around in the baby tornado we've had out there for the past 10 hours. I was honestly afraid they would get blown over.

Peter and I ventured out to get the mail. We had to push against the wind to get there. I wore flip flops (because it's not like there's snow on the ground and it's literally a five minute round trip) and a down jacket (because I'm not a complete idiot!). By the time we got back (the aforementioned five minutes), I was pretty doggone cold. I'm glad we didn't have anywhere to go today and could just hibernate in our apartment.

I bought the tickets to go to Las Vegas and Reno for Christmas tonight, so that's good. They weren't even really that expensive, even though I am well into the 2-week lead time you normally have to have for a good fare. The way it is now, we chould have a nice amount of time in both places for both families. We may even be able to meet with some of our friends! I will never begrudge Reno its wind again!

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