Friday, December 09, 2005

Reduced to talking about the weather

Not really, but I am going to talk about it. It's just been pretty crazy here! So I so wasn't exaggerating the winds last time. It really was bad. I'm glad we stayed inside and that our windows didn't break, we really thought they might and other obviously did.

The day after the winds calmed down, I walked to class and thought, "Hmm, the clouds kind of look like snow." So I went into my class in the basement, and when we came out an hour later, it looked like an inch of snow on the ground! For some unknown reason, I had it in my head that it only snows in the afternoon, so I was completely unprepared for this. It kept right on snowing until nighttime, and we probably ended up with at least a few inches of snow. Yes, it was beautiful, but that was the beginning of the damn Arctic cold front that's been freezing the country this week. Yeah, a high of 10? It definintely got below zero at night, I was so thankful for a roof and walls and our warm down blanket! I never went outside unless I was forced to do so. It's warmed up to almost 40 today, so I may once again venture outside my doors. I'm such a homebody sometimes! (I'll post the pic of our view of the snow when I get it uploaded. It is pretty, I will say that. But careful what you wish for!)

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