Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday at Midnight

So what am I doing? Well, I'm playing with my toys on the Internet ( Flickr, Blogger, and Netflix) while poor Peter is sleeping on the couch. He called in sick to work again tonight and despite sleeping 20 of the last 24 hours, he still not feeling well. Maybe I'll be able to convince him to take some medicine tomorrow. Regardless, I'm really happy he didn't go in to work the past two nights. I'm pretty sure he would be ready for the hospital if he had.

I also have various projects I keep going back to work on. I finished some formatting for our Morphology group project on Japanese so it should be ready for our meeting tomorrow, I ought to be working more on my Phonetics project, doing some of my annotation work for one of my jobs (can't talk about it, don't want to get Dooced) and I should get started on my Morphology take-home final. Ah well, all in due time.

I'm going to try to upload some more photos to my Flickr account, since I just discovered how to blog pictures. This should be fun! Now I just need to seriously consider upgrading my membership so I don't run out of bandwidth so fast...

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