Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Times on Flickr!

So I took a picture, manipulated it a little bit with a cool program to make an HDR image, and uploaded it to Flickr a few days ago. In three short days, it has rocketed to my most viewed image by almost a hundred views (seen 276 times), been favorited 10 times and has had by far the most comments of any of my pictures, all of which have been extremely nice and very flattering.

The most humbling thing, aside from *actual* photographers commenting nicely on the image, is that my picture is in the top 100 most "interesting" on Flickr for August 11th, and the company my little photo is keeping is quite impressive. Check out the cool, cool photos sharing the page with me here.

OK, enough attention mongering for me, back to contemplating your own belly buttons!

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