Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hobbies are fun!

I heart JoAnn Fabric.

They are literally right across the street from us and I can amble on over there anytime I want. Normally, this is a very, very bad thing, especially since they have very alluring sales (90% off! 75% off already reduced items!), but right now, it is not. See, Peter and I have made a deal regarding money. We are allowed to spend our birthday money any way we see fit and the other person has no veto power over purchases with birthday money. Otherwise, we pretty much confer about every purchase, since we have barely enough income and God only knows how we make ends meet (I think a lot has to do with Peter's amazing coupon-abilities and my hoarding tendencies).

So I am flush with my recent birthday money, and it's a heady feeling to have any spendable money after such a dry year, and JoAnn is having a major sale on crafting supplies and other things. Put the two together, and I have taken up a new hobby: scrapbooking!

I'm not so keen on the cutesy-country stuff that seems to make up a lot of scrapbooks, but they have come out with such mod papers and keen stickers that I am willing to take a stab at it. It doesn't hurt that I have probably well over 15,000 pictures now that mainly just sit in iPhoto, unlooked at and unloved :-(

Free the photos!

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