Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pretty much the coolest site ever

If you have pictures, like pictures and/or take lots of the like yours truly, you must check out It has all kinds of cool tips and ideas for things to do with your photos, and today, your short videos! What, pray tell, can you do with those 10-second snippets of video you took with your digital camera? Why, make a flip book, of course! Way cool. Now we just need $100 extra dollars (at least) for all the fun ideas and projects!

PS We actually did do one of the projects I found on there, and it was pretty fun! I would probably choose a different picture and play with it more if I was to do it again, but Peter was opposed to the "waste of ink." True, I suppose we don't really need giant pictures of ourselves or anything else, for that matter, but it's just too cool to pass up! See below for what the heck I'm talking about and visit this site to do it to your own pics!

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