Friday, August 11, 2006

Running out of time!

So, um, where did the summer go? We only have a few more weeks, make that like a week and a half, before school starts and I wonder if I managed to actually do any of the projects I wanted to do over the summer. Hmm... update my websites? I have some good ideas and did some work on one of them, just need to actually POST it... make Peter's quilt? I have all the fabric and a design for it, I just need to cut the pieces, sew them together and MAKE the quilt... give the house a complete cleaning? I've done the normal cleaning, but I have great plans to wash the floors, vacuum the crevices and clear the kitchen counters next week before Peter's parents come... regularly update this blog? Well, I'm doing better than some bloggers, far worse than others, but I manage to get some new content up at least once a week, right? No promises that it's interesting or enjoyable, but it's here!

Another (ongoing) project I'd like to do is keep up on my photos. I take so many of them that I look through the batch, note to myself which ones I like, then promptly forget which ones I thought were so fab. I need to take advantage of iPhoto and mark them so I can post them later here or on Flickr. I'm also getting better at Photoshop and would love to retouch some of our wedding photos (and other pictures) to make them uber-awesome. So many projects! And now school is starting so soon, I'll be taking more classes than before and I'm trying to get a job and I just hope it all works out!

I'm feeling motivated and productive right now though, so that's very helpful as far as getting projects done. We are tackling a new project this weekend with our friend Alison: we'll be painting a mirror frame and a coffee table, both of which were dumpster resuces (the mirror from Jenny's mom's house and the coffee table for Alison on a Boulder street). Since we've made this a group effort, there's a much better chance of everyone getting their project done! Hmm... now that's an idea!

Happy project-ing to all, and to all a good night!

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