Monday, September 11, 2006

And so it begins...

The long, slow descent into scholastic apathy and skating through classes.

I always try to start the semester extra-motivate: carefully reading every last assigned page, completing all the homework problems, even if they are for discussion or otherwise ungraded, trying to get ahead on readings whenever possible. I do this because I know that at some point in the semester, I will feel overwhelmed and under-enthused and will therefore start skimping on readings and anything else I don't have to actually turn in.

Luckily, this semester I really like all of my classes, and therefore actually want to read the assignments, no matter how tedious.

Problem is, this past weekend was a total rush since Peter and I flew out to CA for my cousin's wedding. It was a blast, but it was exhausting and a whirlwind with no recovery time. Our schedule now is such that we really need those three days of the weekend (Fri-Sun) to catch up because we have almost no time during the week to do anything beyond school, work and homework. That means laundry goes unwashed, dishes start to pile up and forget about "fancy" chores like cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming! Not to mention I have a need for some downtime to recuperate from the business of the week. After I came home from work today, I had the worst headache and just felt so physically tired. We ate dinner at 4 PM, I took a bath, then tried to read some homework, but fell asleep for an hour or so instead. I've been taking naps in the evening after school and work because I'm so exhausted. Hopefully I either get used to the schedule, or I'm going to need to figure something else out.

The upshot of all this travel is that I'm not actually going to finish some of my readings for tomorrow. The good thing is that I've read most of the important ones all the way (and realized the beauty of highlighters for teasing apart 40-page research chapters), skimmed most of the others and I think I should be OK for tomorrow. I just can't continue this pattern!

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