Friday, September 22, 2006


Sorry about the crazy multiple postings of the last entry. I didn't catch it until now, but hopefully the problem is fixed. I'm excited about my Moo cards, but not THAT excited!

For some reason, I've been inspired to do some organizing and de-cluttering around the apartment lately. It might be the multiple home magazines with umpteen articles on such topics that I've recently purchased, or it could just be that I feel like our apartment has the maximum amount of stuff it can have an still feel comfortable.

In that vein, I decided the bathroom cabinet (that's right, singular cabinet) needed to be gone through. Holy moly, was that ever a treasure trove! God only knows what I now smell like, since I tried several different lotions and other products to see if I still liked them. The answer, of course, is of course I still do! I am a product junkie, but the problem is that I'm an extremely low-maintenance girl day-to-day, which causes a backlog of delicious smelling and highly beautifying things that rarely get used.

Part of the reason they so seldom see the light of day (or my skin) is that if I don't see it and don't use it every day, then I don't think to use it. So the massive pile of bottles in the cabinet wasn't helping matters, with everything buried and nothing easily seen.

Happily, the cabinet is in much better shape now, with items organized by use and a tremendous number of duplicate bottles removed for longer storage until I run out of what I have. The problem with shopping at Costco is that while you save a lot on the three huge bottles of contact solution, you still have three huge bottles of contact solution. The other problem (not with Costco, but with the cabinet) was that since I couldn't see or find anything, I thought I was out of stuff when I still actually had several bottles in stockpile. Thus the FIVE huge bottles of contact solution. *Sigh*

But everything is nice and neat in orderly little rows, clearly visible to my lazy self. Now I just have to figure out where to put the hairdryer I left out! Doh!

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