Sunday, October 08, 2006

Method is the best!

A little while ago (maybe last week?), I came home to a package by our door. There is nothing I love better than a package! I wasn't sure what it was, though, since I hadn't ordered anything.

It was a present from Method! They make home cleaning products that are environmentally safe and very chic. Some time ago, I had signed up to be a Method Advocate, and as such, they sent me a free (awesome) t-shirt that I wear all the time, plus free samples to tell my friends about Method.

But what was this package? It was heaven in a box, I tell you.

Inside this clever little package was Method's new lineup of microfiber rags, along with sample bottles of each of the cleaners.

Each flap of the square had
one of the towels (wood, granite, window + glass, stainless steel) and the center square had all the cleaners. I immediately went into the kitchen (where all our stainless steel lives) and started cleaning so I could actually get to our SS appliances to clean them. By the time I was done cleaning, I only had the energy to use the towel and cleaner on a few things, but it worked beautifully on those! We have a SS tea kettle we leave on the stove at all times, which means it gets very dirty from oil splatters and other little food bits. It had lost its glory :-( But the combo of the towel and the cleaner gave it a new lease on life!

Next up was the window/glass cleaner. I cleaned our teeny little mirror in the bathroom, and it seemed to do well on that. No streaks and it only took a little elbow grease to get the toothpaste spots off. The real test, though, was going to be our giant sliding glass door.

Previously, we only had $.99 generic window cleaner on sale from Target to clean the windows. It was fine, but streaked like mad no matter what I did. I could never get the sliding glass door clean. Unfortunately, it was night time when I wanted to try out the Method cleaner, but I went at it anyway, blindly, since I couldn't see where if there were spots that needed extra attention. The next morning, I came down and it looked like the door was open, it was so clean! The towel was filthy with the dirt from the window, but the best part about the towels is that they are fully washable and reusable! Less waste for the environment!

I haven't cleaned off enough wood surface to try that one out, and unfortunately we don't have any granite in our luxury family housing apartment, but I do have a glorious little color-coded towel I can use if we ever do get granite countertops.

In sum, if you have a lot of a specific surface you clean often (esp. SS or glass), it's quite worth the $5 for the rag and about the same for the cleaner because these do their job quite well and they are lovely little products. Thanks, Method!

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