Friday, October 27, 2006

We need to institute siesta time

I cannot live without naps. I know I used to, I used to be able to get through days of work and school without any kind of catnap, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to that. Even if I get home at 6 PM, I still enjoy a quick little nap before dinner if I can get it. As much as I love any nap, I have a few favorite kinds:

Sunny afternoon nap: This nap usually takes place in the summer. The sunlight is filtered through our blinds to make a warm, diffused light, everything is warm and sleepy, the pace of life is slow. Lay down to read a book and the quiet warmth steals over you until sleep is inevitable. This may be a shallow nap, but still lovely.

Winter afternoon nap: It may be sunny, or it may be snowing (this IS Colorado!). It's chilly outside, but the down comforter (or knit blanket) is warm and inviting. Snuggle in whenever possible, maybe with a bellyful of delicious hot chocolate in you, and escape the cold world outside for an hour or two.

Snuggle nap: May take place in any season, only requirement is a co-snuggler. This may be the best nap of all. Snuggle with the one you love on a lazy day with no obligations (thus its comparative rarity) and sleep in each other's arms (or comparable mutually comfortable position). Truly something to be treasured.

*Yawn* Now I want a nap! Luckily, I'm done working in half an hour, and I might be able to sneak home for a little sleep after this.

This week has been quite stressful, but it all ended yesterday. I handed in my midterm for my hardest (and most favorite) class, I performed my belly dance at the drag show and now I have a TEENY break until I have to tackle all my other projects (like a book review for a book I received last night due on Friday, all my other projects I ought to be working on all semester, etc.). I think everyone who like naps ought to try to catch one soon!

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