Sunday, October 01, 2006

OK, I guess I like Autumn...

Last week, Jena and I went up to Rocky Mountain National Park. I really wanted to get up the the mountains before all the color was gone, and since Peter wasn't too keen on going, I decided to ask a friend to go instead. Luckily, Jena is a fellow shutterbug, so I knew I could wander around taking close-ups of leaves and bugs and things and she would be just as happy doing the same, whereas saner friends might get a bit impatient and want to keep walking or something.

We only had the afternoon, but we certainly made the best of it. We got to see some incredible golden aspen on the drive up (no pictures, sorry. My windows were too dirty.), we found a stand of the most perfect, brilliant gold aspen in the park, and we saw a bunch of wildlife to boot! Jena got to see her first elk up close and in person, and we got as close as you really want to get to a bull elk in mating season to get some great pictures. We also saw a herd of bighorn sheep, as well as a mama deer and her two babies grazing by the side of the road. I haven't seen her pictures yet, but I can't wait!

Here are some of my favorites:

Jena's first "close" elk:

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