Monday, October 16, 2006


Supposedly, good things and bad things come in threes. I've never experienced this before, but I've never really paid attention, either. I'm officially over my limit as of now, though. So much bad stuff has happened to people I love in the past month that I've decided that this October (one of the very few containing a Friday the 13th) is cursed. I'm at 4 bad things within a few weeks, and not just little bad things. Big, major, life changing, life ending bad things. The upside of all of this is that (sadly) I'm no longer shocked to my core when I get an unexpected phone call with unexpectedly awful news. I just add it to the well of sadness and love I feel for these people who have been so devastated. Amazingly, I only feel brief periods of deep sadness, probably because none of these events have happened to me, and therefore I can not think about the badness for longer periods of time and therefore be my normal happy self. I've heard that many deaths and other sorrows happen around the holidays, presumed to be due to the sadness and feelings of loss older people have, therefore making them less willing to fight for life. I think the sad season is starting early this year, and I blame it all on Friday the 13th, which ironically enough, was not one of the worst days of the month for me!

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