Friday, October 27, 2006

Triple Mimesis

Thursday night, I performed in a drag show. I was a female performing female and I did a belly dance. I'd been preparing for this for about three weeks, and it was the first performance I've ever done that was almost completely improv, but I think it went pretty well. I got a lot of compliments and people seemed to like it, but the whole thing was kind of a blur for me. I was more concerned about feeling like I was coming out of my costume, not being able to hear the important parts of my music (the balance in the audio was off) and I was extremely thirsty, so the reality of performing didn't really hit me. As always, I feel like I could have done better, but such is life! My dearest husband also dressed in drag as a female and looked fetching. I know some of our friends took pictures, so when I get those, I will try to post some!

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