Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cure for sore throats

I don't seem to get sick too often, maybe once or twice a year, if that, but when I do and when I have a sore throat, only one thing works to help it. Throat Coat. My miracle. When we were in Vegas and in the 2-3 days of our respective colds, Peter and I got some Throat Coat tea at Whole Foods and it saved us. I would wake up literally unable to talk, but after a cup, I was fine. Between the two of us, I think we went through at least half the box in just a few days! It also tastes really goo (IMHO). I've heard some famous singers swear by it too, but I feel like it's still my little secret, since I've been using this since I was in elementary school or at least junior high, and it's possible we could have gotten it before it hit the really big time, since the company that makes the tea was just a few towns away from us. Mmm, Throat Coat!

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