Saturday, January 27, 2007

I wanna talk to the manager

OK, who gave the go-ahead on this new round of snow? Seriously. This wasn't supposed to be a big storm (in my head), but we already have 2-3 inches and it isn't even 11 AM yet. It's only allowed to snow today, but at this rate, that's all it will need.

At least they are pretty, fluffy flakes. They are so light and fluffy that some of them are literally going *up*! I tried to encourage them on that path, but none of them seemed to listen.

Peter says they look like coconut shavings. There was an episode of Studio 60 that had them running out of fake snow for the Christmas show, so they used coconut shavings instead. I decided that God's run out of snow in Colorado and is now using coconut shavings. Mmm... coconuts... Now when I look out the window, sigh, and say, "It's snowing," Peter says, "No, it's coconutting." It sounds much warmer that way.

In happier news, we bought a new RAM chip for the iMac, doubling its RAM, which makes it (and us) much happier. Everything is twice as fast, so I can keep twice as many programs open and it now runs at a normal speed! As long as Peter's laptop doesn't die, we should be able to make it until June or whenever Leopard, iLife 07 and (fingers crossed) an upgraded iMac line is available.

We also got a weather station with a remote outdoor sensor. Now we can know if we need a sweater or a parka *before* we are halfway to class and already getting frostbite! Here it is valiantly standing up the the relentless forces of nature:

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